Q. What are the benefits of Janessence coffee scrubs?

A. Janessence coffee scrubs will help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, eczema, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis. 

Q. How do I use Janessence coffee scrubs?

A. Get your skin wet in the shower/tub, rub a handful of scrub in a circular massage motion on your desired areas, leave on for 5-10 minutes & rinse off! 

Q. Can I use it on my face?

A. Yes, although we recommend to do a patch test first.

Q. How much should I use?

A. 3 to 4 handfuls should be enough for your whole body. Add more if you want to target specific areas.


Q. How often should I scrub?

A. We recommend scrubbing 2-3 times a week.

Q. When will I see results?

A. Your skin should feel soft and smooth after your first session.  

Q. Is it safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

A. You must consult with your physician.

Q. Are your scrubs nut free?

A. No. Some of our oils used in our scrubs contain nuts, if you have a nut allergy then we recommend that you do not use our scrubs.

Q. Does Janessence test on animals?

A. No! All our ingredients are 100% natural, organic and only tested on human babes! :)